Home Demos, Trials and HiFi & AV Installations

Home demonstrations are available, and strongly encouraged, on selected items - it's the only way you can be certain of a perfect match for your listening space and existing setup.

14 Day Home Trials are also available on selected products. Please contact us for details. 

We'll always advise you on the installation of any products we sell, but if you prefer not to do it yourself were happy to do that for you. We also offer audio-visual equipment installation, and more.


Hifi Repairs, Servicing & Upgrading

We are able to service and repair most audio products, such as turntables (tonearm replacement, cartridge changes, suspension reset, etc), amplifiers, speakers, and even reel-to-reel tape players. Any replacement parts used will, of course, be manufacturer recommended. 

If you wish to take things a step further, we can also upgrade your products with higher spec components, so they'll sound better than ever!

We are happy to offer this service not just in Scotland, but throughout the UK.


Vinyl Record Cleaning


Keeping your vinyl records in pristine condition not only prolongs their life, but can also considerably extend the life of your stylus. Our machine uses a highly effective vacuuming process to get a totally clean groove for perfect music playback. We use a cleaning fluid that contains an anti-static remedy and provide a new anti-static sleeve for each record we clean. Label protection is taken care of by a waterproof clamp.

Only £2.50 each and the first 3 records are free when you bring in 10 or more. Bring your records in for a spa day - because they're worth it! 

Do you have any beloved vinyl that's so worn you can no longer listen to the music through the clicks and pops, even after cleaning? Then check out the SC-1 and SC-2 SugarCubes from SweetVinyl and call us for more information.


Home Audio Consultancy

We're always available to give you free advice on how to improve the performance of your existing home audio system and to discuss suitable additions to it.

We also offer a consultancy service - improving the performance of your current system can be a lot cheaper than you may think. We'll come to your home and advise on everything from positioning and hi-fi furniture to isolations products and acoustic panels, and from cables and power supplies to additional/replacement separates for your system.