There's a good reason for the resurgence of interest in turntables...

While digital reproduction has its own advantages, more and more music fans are finding that the sound produced by an audiophile quality turntable and a vinyl record is irresistible. Once bitten by the vinyl bug, the ritual of placing a record on the platter and lowering the tone arm to allow the stylus to nestle into the groove becomes a pleasure in itself.

If you are looking to start a vinyl collection or want to rediscover your favourite LPs from back in the day, we offer a range of options that will ensure you extract the most from your grooves - from great sounding entry-level turntable packages to some of the most exquisite new decks and phono stages on the market. We also service and upgrade turntables so you can get the best from what you already have.

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Of course, a turntable is nothing without vinyl.

Don't forget to browse our small collection of jazz, rock and classical LPs when you visit. We also sell everything you need to keep your vinyl in tip top condition and offer a record cleaning service that will help you significantly prolong the life of both your vinyl and stylus.

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